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MWC 87 - 1970s American Army Soldier

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By 1970 there was increasing political pressure in the U.S.A. to end the Vietnam war peacefully, as well as several other conflicts in the area that the US had a part in. there was however still heavy fighting ongoing throughout the region including Large scale operations and small Special forces operations, the difficult unfamiliar terrain and inhospitable climate made standard tactics unusable and the enemy was adept in guerrilla warfare
Vietnam forces were poorly equipped but tenacious and resourceful, often employing old French and Japanese guns and improvised explosives against the better equipped and heavily armed American GI, a nickname derived from all their equipment being marked 'Government Issue'
Equipment was constantly being tested to its limits and beyond, and was continually under development and assessment, US forces found that alternative items were better suited to the environment and one of these items is the Seiko 6105 divers watch, though not standard issue it could be bought from the Army Base PX store, its robust movement and waterproof design made it a favourite amongst the troops
The watch has two main variations, the 6105-8110 version was famously worn in the film 'Apocalypse Now' by the character Captain Willard, played by Martin Sheen, and has something of a cult following. Good original models are rare and command high prices

Polished Asymmetric, cushion style case approx 44mm across its narrow part, 45.5mm at the crown, 9.6mm deep, 46.mm Lug to Lug, 19mm lug width
Interior diameter 36.2mm, 7mm deep, Large 7mm crown, 32mm flat glass
41.3mm non-rotating bezel with black insert, Triangle at 12 with luminous pip, marked at 10-minute intervals with roman numbers
Black Dial with white printed second scale at the outside edge
Hours indicated by applied green markers of various shapes, which have polished surrounds
Polished baton style hour and minute hands with luminous infill and a slim seconds hand
Black NATO style nylon strap 20mm wide, approx. fitting 180/220mm


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    That case doesn't look brushed to me.
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