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MWC 93 - 1970s Norwegian Airman

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The Norwegian Airforce began from very humble beginnings, public donations enabled the purchase of a plane firstly, then a training school for air and ground crew. Widespread anti-German feelings spread throughout the country during World War One due to German submarine operations directly causing the deaths of over a thousand Norwegian sailors, in spite of this Norway remained officially neutral during the conflict.
World War Two also found Norway with an ill equipped air force, and in spite of strenuous efforts to procure aircraft, there were still very few trained air crew. Part of an order from the USA arrived before the German Army invaded in April 1940, and these still lacked weapons, the remaining aircraft were actually delivered to the British RAF. Norway had also, prior to the invasion, received some Ex RAF planes, seven 1930s Gloucester Gladiator Bi-planes, they were overwhelmed by the superior German aircraft, but still somehow managed to bring down five German planes.
Some Norwegian air and ground crew managed to escape the German advance and formed part of No 331 Squadron, a highly effective force in the south of England.
Post World War Two Norway continued to use the Spitfire which they were by now very experienced with, and it became the main aircraft of the Norwegian Airforce until the requirements of NATO required supersonic fighter jets to be procured. As part of the Military Aid Programme, the USA supplied 64 Northrop F-5 Tiger aircraft and then later on the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter.
Norwegian Pilots adopted a standard NATO era German issue timepiece, the Heuer Bundeswehr Chronograph.
Reliable and still modern by today's standards, the 'Bund' is still highly sought after and has also inspired replica watches

Polished 33mm case, 35.5mm at the crown, 9mm deep, 39mm Lug to Lug, 16mm lug width
Case Interior, 26.8mm diameter, 5.5mm deep. 56mm crown, 26mm glass.
Black Dial with white printed minute/second scale, numbers at 10-second intervals, Hours indicated by large Green Arabic numbers
pencil shaped polished hands with green infill, and an arrow tipped seconds hand
31.5mm black infill bezel with silver markings, numbers at the quarter marks and a triangle indicator mark
Black PU leather strap 16mm wide at the lugs narrows to 14mm buckle, approx. fitting 170/215mm

The Heuer Bundeswehr bi directional bezel was all black, and had various symbols at the six position depending on which model and application it was intended for

My HKED Bundeswehr project watch, powered by a sea-gull ST1901 movement



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