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Capitalism Sucks

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Over the years, my wife and I have come to patronize a local jewelry store. A nice place with nice people. Their willingness to carry a variety of artisans and watch makers have made me and my wife happy, and them none to worse for the wear.

I was given quite a few kudos as I was the first customer to buy a JLC when they started carrying the line. That watch was the older version of the Master Moon. Later, I added a Reverso Duo. Over the years I added an Oris pointer date big crown and a Rolex Datejust. I would have purchased an Oris Regulateur “Der Meistertaucher” but they had no sock. I almost bought my Ball Moonphase from them, but I wanted to patronize Toppers.
My wife has enjoyed them as well. She has found some rather unique jewelry and I had them make a ring for her on our 30th anniversary.

So when we got notice of their upcoming Christmas party, I was looking forward to seeing the different Oris, Tags, Panerai, Bell&Ross, Omega, JLC, and so on. They also serve some great hors devours from local business as well.
When we got there, the crowd seemed a little thinner. Perhaps they were not sending as many invites out? Sadly, some of the artisans were not represented any more. But the big shocker was the watch cases. They had their usual Rolex display, along with Omega, Breitling, Raymond Weil, Tag, Tissot, and Shinola. Shinola? Isn’t that like poop and Shinola? That is what they had.

What did they not have? JLC for one. Gone was the case. So was the big case that housed Panerai. Bell&Ross was gone as well. As was Ebel. I asked about it. Sadly, they were not selling well enough to spend an effort on. Capitalism sucks. All watch brands should be available!

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  1. OTGabe's Avatar
    If JLC and Panerai weren't selling, it sounds like you have too many proletariat and not enough bourgeoisie in your area!
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