Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

MWC 96 - 1960s Pakistani Airman

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The Royal Pakistan Air Force began as the country became independent in August of 1947, a modest force of 2400 personnel and a handful of mixed aircraft were stationed at seven air-basses across the country. Later, in 1950, Pakistan acquired 36 modified SuperMarine Attacker Aircraft from Britain, these were not well suited to the role they were purchased for as they had been designed for use from Aircraft Carriers.
In 1956 the RPAF dropped the Royal prefix and as the PAF purchased 100 F86 Sabre fighter aircraft and in 1961 they added 12 F104 Starfighters to the fleet.
On August 5th 1965, 26,000 Pakistani troops entered the Kashmir Region of India and actively encouraged the Kashmiri population to rise up in open revolt against India, they in turn retaliated against what was then West Pakistan throwing the countries into a short and bloody war, the ground and aerial fighting was intense, with the PAF engaging with a force that was almost 5 times its size, the Pakistani pilots were very experienced in their state-of-the-art F86 Sabres and victory in the numerous air battle was claimed by both sides
Despite being outnumbered in the air every time they flew the PAF pilots flew with bravery and commitment, their watches were supplied by the Swiss company Omega in what must have been relatively small numbers, surviving examples would be cherished by families and few PAF Omegas reach the open market

Polished 36mm case, 38.2mm at the crown, 8.6mm deep, 42.8mm Lug to Lug, 18mm lug width
Case Interior, 32.3mm diameter, 8.6mm deep. 5mm crown, 31mm glass.
Black Dial with white printed minute/second scale Yellow triangles at 5-minute intervals, Hours indicated by white Arabic numbers at 3,6,9 and 12
Polished, Pencil-shaped minute and hour hands with yellow infill, slim polished second hand with yellow arrow tip
Brown PU leather strap 18mm wide at the lug narrows to a 16mm buckle, approx. fitting 175/215mm


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