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Mindless Entertainment (replacing an appliance)

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After 11 years of faithful service,our LG front loader washer burned out its motor. Like anyone else,spending the money on a replacement as well as having to picksomething you can work with can he a real PITA. We settled on twomust haves: top loading and high efficiency. The first because Ihave to admit that I am getting old. Bending over is less fun. Thesecond because it’s just to use less water, even though we getcharged more for using less. Go figure.

Therepairman who pronounced our LG DOA said that life expectancy is nowa days is five to seven years. With that in mind, we decided to add price as the third decisionpoint. So off we went “shopping” on line. The more we looked,the more it seemed like we would have spend over $700 and probablycloser to $800 to get these features. At that price point, we knewwe had to see one before dropping the cash. So off we went to HomeDepot, who had the closest to what we were looking for and were nottoo far from the house.

Thereare some wondrous things in washing machine land. For close to$1,000, you can get one with an automatic soap and softenerdispenser. You fill it up and then they keep on going and then letyou know when the soap dispenser is empty. I decided that $150additional was too much for me not to add my own soap and softener. For $150 less than I had budgeted, I could get an HE top loader, butI had to actually stop the machine to add softener to it. I reallyprefer not to have to wait around the laundry room until “it’stime” to add the softener. So I finally ended up with an HE toploader from GE. The bonus point goes to the see through lid.

Iwould have gladly paid less for a metal lid, but that was notavailable in the store and in HE mode. But I will tell you, that lidhas given me endless, mindless entertainment. You can actually seeit work. It adds a small amount of water to calculate the size ofthe load. When it fills, you can see how much water it actuallyadds. This is humorous as there are many YouTube posts where peoplemanually add more water because they think their HE washers are notadding enough. Towards the end of the cycle once it has sucked outall of the water, you can see it add more water as it attempts tobalance the load prior to the spin cycle.

Thisthing shucks and jives so much I am sure it will break within fiveyears. But it is so entertaining to watch it work per someone’spre-programmed algorithms. I had a load of king size bed sheets thatit ended up bunching into one side of the drum. After two attemptsto spin dry, the machine punted and filled the tub with water and thenagitated to redistribute the sheets!

Iam not advocating you get one, but I think I have gotten at leasthalf the money spent on it back in entertainment value!


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