Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

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Back in February I saw a TV advert for one of those part-work magazines, usually my brain switches off when I see these but this caught my attention.
Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

A collection of 80, Military style watches from the 20th century, Land, Sea and Air, from all over the world, just 10 each fortnight, delivered to your door.
If you like you can skip to the next post now, which is a brief look at issue 1, the American Infantry Watch, or read on for why I’m doing this thread.
Please note this thread is intended for reviews and pictures only.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a watch, never been great at punctuality, but I’ve always known how late I was. I also have a tendency to collecting and look after things I own so over the years had acumulated a few watches, mainly cheap fashion watches, but a few budget brands, a couple of good quartz chronographs, and a very nice quality automatic.
The Eaglemoss collection seemed to me a good way to introduce myself to vintage military watches, learn a bit of their history and maybe one day to dig into my pocket and buy myself a real piece of history to cherish. So I subscribed.
A few weeks later I signed up to a watch forum and found a few likeminded UK based watch enthusiast who where also interested in the Eaglemoss MWC, we started chatting and because of the fortnights gap between watches the topic of conversation started to drift to other types of affordable watches, and beyond, way-way beyond. we started a bit of a mutual interest thread that went off topic more than it stayed on.
Because of this the information about the watches got lost in the abundance, it wasn’t unusual to get 200 posts a day that had nothing to do with watches, let alone the Eaglemoss Watches.
To counter this we set up a separate review thread to keep all the pictures and technical info about the collection in a single linear thread, just in case anybody was interested in the collection, but not our off topic ramblings, because I was still subscribing I assumed the task of posting the latest watches to the thread.
Then a few of the posters lost interest a little and started cherry picking, but the thread carried on, and on, and on…
Then one day it got spammed by some random idiot. Briefly and without to much detail, what happened next was this:
We got noticed by the moderators, who had trouble even viewing what was now well over 25,000 posts. They decided to relaunch us as a version 2 of ourselves, and keep an eye on us. a close eye. Posts started to be removed for bieng off topic, and we got bullied out of our little home.
No fear, because we quickly set up shop here on this friendly new forum. Most of the old gang are now here and posting far and wide on IWL. We thought we’d like to bring the review thread over to IWL, and hopefully encourage some more visitors.
The chat part of the thread and the lovely bunch of people can be found here, http://www.intlwatchleague.com/showt...-the-afterlife
I can assure you there is no such thing as an irrelevant question, and we won’t be blasting you for not owning a Rolex, or even not owning a Seiko, or for owning a ‘Hello Kitty' watch and not knowing what a chapter ring is.
Please come and join us, be prepared to answer questions about biscuits.
Seriously, you will be asked about the biscuits.
So onto the thread, I’m aiming to bring up maybe one a day for now, please PM me if you want more or less information, we’d rather just keep this as a pictures and info thread so please any question on the afterlife forum please. I’m not an expert horologist but I hope that you find the following posts Informative.

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  1. OTGabe's Avatar
    Love the idea & I'm looking forward to following along.
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