Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 1 - 1970s American Infantry

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Built to US military specification and produced in huge numbers you would think there would be an ready supply of Vietnam vintage watches.
However they where specified to be non repairable and disposable, originally they had a plastic casing, and after a short hard life most were simply thrown away.

On an affordable Brushed steel bracelet

And a 20mm NATO

In Detail.
40mm Brushed steel, 42.5mm including crown, 46.8mm lug to lug, 9.2mm deep. 32.7mm interior aperture.
5mm grooved crown. 33.3mm flat glass.
As with all early casebacks, embossed with Eaglemoss logo only.
32.5mm black painted dial with white printed minute scale at outer edge, small triangles at 5 minute intervals.
Roman Numerals at 1-12 hour marks with smaller 13-24 hours on a secondary scale.
All Numbers and the 5 minute marks have good luminous effect.
Straight style hours and minutes hand with triangle tip and thin straight seconds hand.
Lume on Hours and minutes hands
Standard EM Epson AL55a movement.
20mm beige nylon fabric, brushed 20mm buckle, aprox 175-215mm fitting.

According to the magazine this watch is based on Vietnam Era US military spec watches produced by various companies such as Timex and Bradley.
Numerous companies still manufacture watches with similar specification with both quartz and mechanical movements.

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  1. OTGabe's Avatar
    Great way to start off with such a classic design.
  2. Churchy's Avatar
    I was lucky enough to be able to buy this Hamilton Khaki Field Watch from another IWL member.

    Hamilton were one of the suppliers of the original US army Field watch and this is their current model,
    The case is shot blasted which gives it a matt finish and it has a Sapphire Crystal.
    It has an ETA 2804-2 hand winding movement, with hacking seconds hand and quick set date.
    It also comes in Black with a Tan strap just like the one from the collection.
    Updated Aug 30, 2015 at 06:49 PM by Churchy
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