Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 3 - 1970s British SBS Commando

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This watch is based on the Rolex Submariner model 5517:
Rolex Submariners are possibly the most copied and certainly one of the most faked watches in the world, dozens of companies make similar watches at a whole range of prices and quality of finish in both quartz and mechanical versions.
One of the original 1950s Rolex MilSub watches, even in a very well used condition, can sell for tens of thousands of pounds. Fakes are easily obtained, but these days not so easily spotted, and many can fool even an experienced buyer.

Asymmetric 40.4mm steel, brushed finish. 42mm including crown guard, 47.3mm lug to lug, 11mm deep. 33.3mm interior aperture.
5mm grooved crown. 30mm flat glass. Ridged finish around fixed non rotating bezel, Dark blue insert with silver coloured Index Marks at 10 minute intervals.
Caseback embossed with Eaglemoss logo only.
29.1mm blue painted dial with white printed minute scale at outer edge. Hours indicated with embossed green hour markers, a triangle at 12, rectangles at 3-6-9, circles at other marks. All marks have good luminous effect.
Sword shaped hours hand and straight minutes hand with pointed tip, thin straight seconds hand. Green lume on hours and minutes hands.
Standard EM Epson AL55a movement.
20mm blue nylon, brushed finish buckle, aprox 160-205mm fitting.
NB: Early straps were very short, this one especially so.

If you like the idea of modifying watches, using the Eaglemoss collection can be a cheap way of taking your first steps into the practice, most of the movements are identical so hands can be swapped around though I warn you this is not simple and requires some basic watchmakers tools and a very steady hand.
I broke the glass while tinkering with my first SBS, and decided to use a domed acrylic to replace the glass, I also had a 20mm stainless steel bracelet and this is the result.

Lume is good on this dial.

There are many companies making homage versions of the Rolex Submariner, this is my Invicta, Pro Diver, model 8926ob, It has a Seiko NH35a Automatic Mechanical movement.
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  1. OTGabe's Avatar
    Nice to see a dive watch represented.
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