Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 5 - 1940s Italian Naval Diver

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This watch is is a representation of a 1940 Panerai 6152, Marina Militare: It was produced for the Italian Navy, and would have had a Rolex 618 movement.
Not many survive, actual numbers aren’t known for sure but its probably less than 100. If you see an ‘original' for sale anywhere but a very expensive auction house you can be certain its a fake.

“Cushion”style 44mm polished finish. 46.6mm including crown, 52.6mm lug to lug, 11.7mm deep. 37.5mm interior aperture.
6mm grooved crown. 37mm flat glass.
Caseback embossed with Eaglemoss logo only.
36.2mm black painted dial. Hours indicated with green printed markers, Roman Numerals at 3-6-9-12, all marks have good luminous effect.
pencil shaped hours hand and straight minutes hand with pointed tip, thin straight seconds hand. Green lume on hours and minutes hands.
Standard EM Epson AL55a movement.
24mm tan leather, tapers to 22mm polished buckle, aprox 175-220mm fitting.

Please Note, For authenticity I removed the centre second hand from this watch, Real 1940s MMs didn’t have one.

If Rolex Submariners are the most often faked watch then The Panerai Luminor and Radiomir can’t be far behind. Many companies make replica parts and its tricky to know where the Fake stops and the homages begin.
This would generally be classed as a homage.It is based on a 368 Luminor Destro (Left-hand).

Nowhere on it does it say Panerai there is no branding as such at all, although I think Panerai do have rights to the Marina Militare logo, it basically translate as Marine Army. Quality, although lower than a genuine article, is generally very good as is after sales care. The manufacturer want you to come back and buy again.

This on the other hand is an outright fake!
It has logos saying its a Panerai everywhere, even on the movement inside, despite having a solid back, it is really trying to convince you that it is something it wasn’t, in this case a 339 Radiomir, a Panerai expert would spot it as a fake from across a room, and little bit of hunting on the internet and you can tell for yourself.

(Picture permitted for educational purposes)
The Case colour is wrong for this model, or the dial is wrong for this style case, either way they don’t belong on the same watch. The printing on the dial is the wrong size, and a little fuzzy and faded close up. The seconds hand is too big for its scale, and the hands are the wrong colour, they should match the case. The quality of finish just too poor to be real. worse than the above homage in many respects, but they are after one thing, profit.
inside it was even more obvious, small bits of waste metal literally fell out of it.
But somebody with little knowledge could be duped. Cost? 20, but I knew it was a fake, a con man might try for 500 or more, an egg timer would have kept better time. Avoid these.

Updated Dec 28, 2014 at 10:48 PM by Churchy

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  1. OTGabe's Avatar
    Probably my favorite so far. One noticeable thing is that I can't see the sweep hand on the Eaglemoss at all.
  2. Churchy's Avatar
    For authenticity I removed the centre second hand from this watch mainly because the real 1940s MMs didn’t have one. but also because a later watch (the RAF multifunction, which should be up in a few days) really needed it more.
  3. is that my watch's Avatar
    It is my favourite one of the collection and when we first had them there was talk of it not having a second hand on them a fellow member t.o.w first mention it and I was the first to remove the second hand.

    then as it work well a lot of the other fellow mwc did the same and I think that small change made a good watch a great watch and I have use this dial and movement from this watch and have since put them in several other case to give it the original look .. I think of the handful that will be remembered this is going to be one of them
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