Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 12 - 1940s British Paratrooper

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The British Army needed a water and shock resistant watch and had a batch of Longines movements put into custom cases, nicknamed ’Tuna Cans”, larger and designed to be more shock resistant, they also had a screw down crown to aid water resistance.
It was only issued in small numbers and later recalled due to the old Luminous paint decaying into powder and fouling the movement.

Sandblast finish "tuna can" case 36.4mm, 37.6mm with crown, 43.5mm lug to lug, 10mm deep.
Case back engraved with description of the watch. 29.8mm flat glass.
White dial with Black minute scale at outer edge, including small luminous green marks at 5 minute intervals. Black Arabic hour numerals 1 to 12 with an inner ring of Red hour marks to indicating 24 hour scale
Chrome, White filled, hours and minutes hands triangular point. Slim straight chrome seconds hand. Lume on minute and hour hands only.
18mm brown leather strap, tapers to polished 16 mm Buckle, aprox 175-215mm fitting

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