Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 18 - 1950s Egyptian Naval Commando

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During the mid 1950s Egypt ordered a special version of the Panerai Radiomir for their commando troops, designed for extreme underwater conditions the "Egiziano" had a monster 60mm riveted case, and the signature Panerai Crown guard.
Sadly the Eaglemoss version is a poor representation of this iconic watch.

Polished (possibly chromed) 47.2mm case, 49.7mm with crown, 52.1mm lug to lug, 9.3mm deep. Bezel has moulded fake rivets at hour intervals. 6mm dia grooved crown
Case back engraved with description of the watch (misspelled as 'commander'). 35.2mm flat glass.
Black dial with green hour marks, Roman numerals at 3-6-9-12, no minute scale.
Straight style hours and minutes hands with triangle tips, and green infill.
Slim straight seconds hand.
Lume on minute and hour hands only.
22mm mid brown coloured. nylon strap, polished Buckle, aprox 190-225mm fitting.
Epson AL55a movement

NB: If you do dismantle this watch please be aware that the dial is only 36.5mm across inside of a 41.6mm aperture.
As you can see the dial appears to have adhered to the case rim an during dismantling the dial paint has peeled off, fellow forum members have also seen this effect to a greater degree, which has permanently damaged the dial.

Here is a comparison with issue 5 Italian navy watch.

The brown strap does the watch no favours, a quick change helps.

Original 2/56 Egizianos are extremely rare, probably only 50 existed. Panerai have since released a run of 500 reproductions, the PAM00341.
Customers include Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, you need a big wrist to carry a 60mm watch when you aren't wearing full scuba gear.
The 341 is easy to spot as it has grooves around the bezel. Panerai are very protective of their designs, which maybe why the MWC version sadly doesn't look like this.

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  1. is that my watch's Avatar
    shame to say this did not have the same impact as the issue 5 pammy .. the original dial from issue 5 was used in this one but it did not have the good lume that the issue 5 had and it was not as well like
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