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Issue 19 - 1970s US Navy Diver

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Issue 19 is based on the Benrus type1, standard issue for US Navy SEAL teams during the Vietnam war.
Simple and reliable with Swiss ETA Movements they are virtually impossible to find on the collectors market, good quality replicas command four figure price tags.
They were found to be expensive to produce and went out of use in favour of off the shelf alternatives.

Polished (possibly chromed) 45mm asymmetric case, 46.mm including the partly recessed crown, 51.1mm lug to lug, 9.6mm deep. 38.3mm interior aperture.
Non rotating 42.2 bezel has a black insert with silver coloured Roman numerals at hour intervals. 5mm dia grooved crown.
Case back engraved with description of the watch. 31.2mm flat glass.
Black 32.5mm dial with embossed, luminous green hour marks with polished silver coloured borders. Triangle marker at 12, rectangular at 3-6-9, circles at other hour marks, white printed minute scale at outer edge.
Pencil style hours and minutes hands with triangle tips, and luminous green infill.
Slim straight seconds hand with luminous green arrow tip.
Epson AL55a movement.
20mm black nylon strap with pvc bar loops (weak point?), polished Buckle, aprox 170-215mm fitting

This is quite a good replica apart from the case, the original had a "parkerised" sandblasted finish to prevent reflections giving away the wearers location while on operations. The EM version is polished.
Note that the case will only allow straight end links, like on this mesh bracelet.

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  1. is that my watch's Avatar
    this one was quite decent to for the price. good solid case on it the strap was not the best they did. they seem to improve the strap on some of the later models
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