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First, anyone reading this is most assuredly a Watch Idiot Savant (WIS) or aspiring to be one.

So, what is a Watch Idiot Savant? Well, you know who you are. You are the person who leaves home with two watches for the “midday change” or “just in case.” You are the person who spends more time on watch forums like this than you do helping your kids with their homework. You are the person who puts scotch tape over the clasp of your watch so it doesn’t get scratched while typing – obviously, I am typing now and I have no worries about my clasp getting scratched. You are the guy whose wife doesn’t worry when you turn your head as the hot chick passes because your wife knows you are only checking out the hot chicks’ watch. You know who you are.

So, what makes you an idiot? The term “idiot savant” in French literally means “learned idiot.” Well,we know what makes you “learned.” It is the fact that you know the founder of every major watch brand and the dates founded. You’re an idiot because despite this fact, you couldn’t pass your European History course in college. You can assemble a sterile-dialed pilot watch with an eta 2824 movement but you stumble through changing the tire on your Dodge Caravan. You can give a brilliant 90 minute lecture on the history of Patek Philippe yet you struggle to co-present with your 6 year old daughter at her 3 minute show-and-tell on her new baby doll.

Believe it or not, the aforementioned makes you more “learned” than “idiot.” What makes us idiots is that we haven’t figured out that it is passion that drives excellence. We are excellent Watch Idiot Savants becausewe have a passion for everything watch related. If we could only have that same passion about other things in our lives. What my time on earth has taught me is that passion is extremely hard to manufacture. Actually, it is impossible to manufacture. You have it or, at some point, you discover it; and what a beautiful discovery it can be.

Well, I am glad I am passionate about the things that matter most – my family, my friends, and, of course, my watches.

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  1. drickster's Avatar
    I thought you were going to make the point that we are idiots for preferring outdated technology. Why we love mechanical things over the digital. Nice post!
  2. bacari's Avatar
    No, I think that actually makes us geniuses! LOL
  3. Spooky's Avatar
    Never heard of the scotch tape trick. Definitely going to do that now.
  4. jsw41's Avatar
    Great Post Bacari; my thoughts, but said much more eloquently. For me, it's the beating heart of the hairspring.

  5. Dan R's Avatar
    Well, I don't know about you all, but I still have my WIS pin given by Richard Paige. Hm. I guess that kind of dates me.

  6. Martin's Avatar
    I was at a fair recently, where I saw this nice Oysterdate. It was attached to a woman's wrist, I think she was beautiful. I couldn't tell you the color of her hair, but I'm pretty sure it was a 6694.
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