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Recently lucked into a few dollars and decided to treat myself to a Delta Dolce Vita. It is the piston type and made of orange resin. I've never had a "phat" pen decided this was to be the one. Got it from Mottishaw who tweaked it to my preferences. But no grinding!

When I got it, I inked it up with Swisher's Intense Purple. I've had the color for a couple of years, but keep forgetting to use it. I took it on a couple of work assignments and was disappointed on how wet the pen wrote. I use cheap notebooks provided by the company, so I know that did not help. Lots of bleed through.

Instead of getting irritated, I emptied the Intense Purple back into the container and rinsed the pen out thoroughly. After some drying, I loaded it up with Mont Blanc Oyster Gray. That ink is drier and it writes wonderfully on the cheap noted books. It's a great pen!

Moral of the story, change inks to get the results you want. The pen is not always at fault (especially if it is not scratchy)).




  1. Hayseed Brown's Avatar
    Very cool. Is your nib from Mottishaw a soft-flex, or some other type of configuration? I'm just getting into the fountain pen thing. I bought a Lamy Al-Star, and, after I was impressed with that, about a week or so later I bought a Lamy 2000. Been meaning to do a review on here, but I haven't been on too much, as I've been busy. Review will be forthcoming though.
  2. Dan R's Avatar
    Kind of soft flex. Mottishaw just tweaked it for flow. Not every pen I have has to be set up for flex or pseudo flex.

    Look forward to the 2000 review. I keep going back and forth on the 2000. Nothing wrong with it. I just keep finding other things I like first!

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