Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 27 - 1910s American Soldier

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The American Expeditionary Force, whilst serving during the early part of the First World War, were going through a period of fast expansion and obtained much of its equipment from Europe.
Watches with high quality jewelled movements were specified by the Signal Corps of the US army and obtained from various Swiss manufacturers.
Wire lugs, large 'Onion' winding crowns and a white enamel dial. the watches were also used by early American Pilots.

Antique 'nickle plated' effect 33.7mm case, 36mm with crown, 47.5mm lug to lug which are solid mouldings made to look like wire loops, 7.8mm deep.
Case back engraved with description of the watch. 29mm flat glass. 29.7mm interior aperture.
31.2mm white dial with black second scale at outer edge. Main hour markers are printed in grey with a red border, and a smaller second inner ring indicating 24 hour marks in red.
Mercedes type hands are gloss black with white luminous infill, baton style hours and minutes hands. Seconds hand has a small triangular luminous tip
Narrow 12mm brown crocodile effect strap narrows to 10mm polished buckle.

The case differs from the usual type in three ways
Firstly it has a Darker finish that I would describe as a Nickle plate colour

also the case back is the same diameter as the case itself

And thirdly the 'wire loop' type lugs.
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  1. is that my watch's Avatar
    looks ok but the fix lugs how do they feel and do you reckon it will look ok on a nato ? do like the dial wonder what the dial would look like in the lufty or the Japanese air force case
  2. Broker's Avatar
    There was a discussion on another forum that I belong to (not watch related) about which watches the military actually issued to different members and branches. I would love to see a comprehensive collection of data on that. It's interesting to me.
  3. Churchy's Avatar
    too be honest I hadn't tried as the original strap will have to be damaged to remove it.
    I managed a 16mm nato squeezed in, a 14mm would possibly sit better but would look a bit too narrow.
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