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So I should ocassionally talk about watches.

My present 'grail' is the Breitling Avenger II Seawolf. After handling a couple Breitlings in Arkansas, I'm sold. I've been given official clearance from the powers that be (wife) to persue it as my next watch purchase. This is as long as I keep the impact on worked for (paycheck) money minimal. So barring being deferred for any reason, I'll be saving up plasma donations. 50$ on Tuesday, 75$ on Friday. 125$ a week. I believe it's doable. (The 5th donation of each month receives a 25$ bonus, and the 7th receives a 50$ bonus, on top of the previous numbers)
I have a goal. November 30th. It should be a sufficient length of time, and also happens to be the anniversary of my enlistment (11/30/2004-11/30/2012)
I have found an android app to follow the process:
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One donation done, a whole bunch to go. (Spent what had been previously saved for gas on our recent road trip).

Note:While I don't expect to pay exactly msrp, that is what I'm basing the goal on. Any extra will go to the Tag Heuer aquaracer that Nichole is picking up a little overtime for.**

Wish me luck

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  1. Dan R's Avatar
    Well, I wish you best of luck. My grail ended up being a current Omega Planet Ocean. Not sure why, but I always loved the orange bezel.

    Nice thing about 'grails', they can work on a personal level.

    Good luck!

  2. OTGabe's Avatar
    Nicely done!
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