Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 35 - 1940s United States Navy

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As hostilities drew to a conclusion in Europe, the United States pushed hard towards victory in the pacific, After the heavy losses of Pearl Harbor the industrial manufacturing power of the United States was able to make significant technological and tactical advances that, by 1945, made it practically imposible for Japan to win.
Only the desperate measures of Suicide raids on ships had any impact, but the high casualty rates suffered during these raids led the US to consider full scale invasion of Japan.
Even the massive manufacturing base of the US was forced to look elsewhere for suppliers and Longines were selected to provide watches for Key Naval personel

Polished 33.1mm case, 35'5 including crown, 42mm lug to lug. 8.3mm deep. 30.2mm interior aperture.
5mm grooved crown, 29mm flat glass. Case backs embossed with Eaglemoss logo and description of the watch.
Cream 29.8mm dial, black ‘rail track’ minute/seconds scale, Hours indicated with yellow Arabic numerals.
Sword style polished finish hours and minutes hand with green lume infill and thin straight seconds hand.
Standard EM Epson AL55a movement.
18mm PU leather strap, narrows to 16mm polished buckle, aprox 175-220mm fitting.

I’m a little disappointed with the hands on this watch, the ones from the magazine illustration are much nicer in my opinion, but would probably been more 1930s style in truth.
There have been a couple of other Longines based watches that were contempary with this edition.
The British Paratrooper and French Navy watches show their shared history.

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