Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 37 - 1980s Russian Pilot

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During the height of the cold war the Russian Air Force was expanded and re-armed until at one time it numbered in excess of 10,000 aircraft.
NATO forces gave the Russian MiG fighter jets what have become infamous codenames like ‘Flogger’,’Foxbat’ and ‘Fulcrum’.
Russian Pilots using cutting edge aircraft technology, where highly trained and given the best equipment available to keep them motivated.
Based on a modified Swiss Valjoux 7734 movement, the Sturmanskie was also used by Navy pilots and Cosmonauts.

Polished 39mm case, 41.4mm with crown, 50.7mm lug to lug, 9mm deep.
Case back engraved with description of the watch. 36.5mm flat glass. 32.7mm interior aperture.
The Bezel is positioned under the glass and is kept from the glass by a plastic spacer. it is printed with White Arabic Hour markers.
32mm black dial with white second scale at outer edge. White printed baton hour marks.
Steel batton style hours and minutes hands, green lume filled. Slim straight red painted seconds hand.
Lume on minute and hour hands only.
20mm Black nylon webbing strap with polished buckle.

The shape of the cushion case is very nice, but again the stripped back look really doesn’t reflect on the original panda dial Chronograph.

There have been several versions of the watch and they are still manufactured in Russia today and are commercially available.


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