Eaglemoss Military Watches Collection.

Issue 41 - 1930s British Naval Officer

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In the Years preceding the second world war, and in spite of the severe monetary restrictions that followed the 'Great Depression' many countries around the world began to invest heavily in military hardware despite several attempts to prevent such an escalation. Many summits were held regarding limitations on numbers and sizes of ships, and treaties signed and subsequently ignored. Britain too began to build new fighting ships, including early Aircraft carriers, and upgrading existing vessels.
Alongside the ships, improvements were made in many areas, New sonar systems, radio detecting equipment and improved hydrophones.
New watches were also specified for key personnel including the Admiralty Patern (AP) 301 watch, produced by Helvetia, it appears at fist glance to be a pocket watch, but has wire hoops and is designed to be worn with a strap.

Polished 44.1mm case, 54.6 with the elaborate crown and moveable 'chain loop'.
Lugs are simulated 'wire loops' with 20mm spring bars, 52 mm lug to lug, 9mm deep.
Case engraved with watch description, 40mm flat glass.
40mm Ivory coloured dial, Black printed Railtrack minutes scale at outer edge.
Hours indicated with Black Roman numerals from 1 through 12 inclusive.
Black painted, feuille (leaf) style hours and minutes hands, Seconds hand is slim and painted black with a white triangle 'arow tip' and circular counter balance.
PU leather, 20mm wide narrows to 18mm polished buckle. approx fitting 180-225mm

detail of hands.

The crown and stem are 30mm long which has meant an extra long crown needed to be used.

There is very little known about this watch, they are very rare indeed and few pictures can be sourced of originals. The few I have seen appear to have a seconds sub dial at 6 rather than the central seconds, and also different style hands, however as this is a 'pattern watch' built to a general specification which would usually specify accuracy and legibility over any specific style points I am not too surprised.


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