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Rainy afternoon: the sequel

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Once upon a time, during rainy lunch at work,I got bored.

There is no substitute for trying something on your wrist to get a proper feel of how it fits but what to do when you are far too lazy to get to a watch shop and really can't be arsed to deal with UK High Street sales staff?


you make this

I was never really a fan of the Monaco, even though I do like square/rectangular watches. My sister bought one a while back and it never really caught my eye when I was shopping for it with her.

What triggered the urge to make it was the size of it - a very reasonable 39mm.
There a few similar shaped watches that I like; Glashutte Seventies, TAGHeuer Monza, Panerai Luminor 048 (or 283). I had settled on making the Monaco for not other reason other than that it was the easiest to get accurate.

The usual wrist shot angle really made it look like a beast on me.

Although a more "real" shot made it look more reasonable

Still not my thing and the mock-up kinda proved my gut feeling of it. I certainly don't like the looks as much as I do the others on the list and it definitely helped me get my head around what a watch of that shape and size feels like on my wrist. Trying on the others later confirmed what this test showed.

* * *

Well, it's raining again and I have an itch.
I had recently ruled over a GMT watch but I still want a GMT/Twin-Time watch of some sort. I think I am also suffering from sports watch fatigue and a regular round watch head is probably going to feel a bit too similar to what I already have.

One candidate stands out:
Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Duo.

I had tried on the Grande model before which was much too long for me, something not helped by the stiff leather that doesn't articulate at the lugs. I had mentally noted that it would be the regular one for me but had also relegated thoughts of it to the back of the proverbial mind-shelf because it is twice the price of anything I have bought so far.

But as I said, it's raining again.
So I made this:

it's very rough but the raw figures are correct:
46mm x 26mm x 9.something mm.

The thickness is the thing that makes it look slightly off in the wrist-shot and the live-shot is much, much better.

I wasn't expecting how right it looks and this little exercise has pretty much cemented in my mind that I want this. I want to go try on on for real now and I have already begun to make plans to fly to HK for the purchase of this watch (the VAT saving more than covers the cost of my flight).

It only makes sense, right?

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  1. Raza's Avatar
    Man, DM, how small is your wrist? You should see what the (older 38mm) Monaco looks like on mine!
  2. Dan R's Avatar
    I have the Reverso Due and do love it.

  3. BlackNomad's Avatar
    I have to admit, that's very creative!
  4. skywatch's Avatar
    This is a playful and useful solution for trying on watches that we only see on the internet. Love it!
  5. Churchy's Avatar
    I've seen a few sites that do a cut out and try images of their watches, maybe you could print out a picture of the watch and stick it on top too?
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