Hi fellow members have you seen that IWL is doing the first ever forum watch the threads will be in central so this is really just a heads up in case you have not heard or seen about it yet ...

Here is the basic idea posted by Martin ...

IWL Project watch
Hi All,

As you may know, I have been involved in all project watches for the WUS Chinese Mechanical Watches Forum.
For some time we have been thinking about doing a IWL project watch. Considering the number of active members here, we have created the possibility for a small project, where the minimum order quantity is 25 .
Our suggestion is to build a watch based on the well known 1963 chronograph, where we can design our own dial, and have a custom engraved caseback. The design will be created by this forum of course!

The price will be around US$240 with acrylic crystal plus shipping. There may be an option for sapphire crystal (US$290) if there are 5 takers or above.

Please react in this topic if you would be interested, and feel free to give some design ideas if you have any. Of course once we get to the production stage, we will require a non-refundable deposit before the actual build will start. You will only have to commit once the design phase is finished.



and the links so far :
IWL Project watch

IWL Project Watch: Size Vote

If you would be interested in joining in that would be wonderful so vote on size on the one link ideas and thoughts on the other link please