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Thread: Technical Support

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    Technical Support

    Today I was once again reminded to be grateful I never had a career as a phone tech support guy.
    My back neighbor is in his 70s - retired United Church minister. He has an older sister in her late 80s who lives in a seniors' home in Ottawa. This lovely lady had an old XP desktop that was one step away from the landfill and didn't want to buy a new machine. I gave her a middle aged Dell I had here and installed Linux Mint for her. No viruses no malware - just easy web surfing and email. She took to it at once and I rarely hear from her.
    Today they both called me - something had gone wrong, the wifi wouldn't connect, she couldn't get on the Internet.
    After a lot of back and forth I went to my own Linux desktop, and walked them through a wifi connection.
    Wifi on? Check.
    See the network? Check.
    Try to connect? Yep. Asks for password. Then fails.
    Caps lock on? No.
    Any capital letters in password? It's case sensitive you know. Oh yes a capital A at the beginning.
    Type it exactly as you have it. Oh my. We're seeing Google now.
    Thanks for calling. Have a nice day, John.

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    I keep accidently turning on airplane mode on my new notebook and I can't figure out how I'm doing it. I think Win did it once when he catfooted across the keyboard.


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    My Mom is constantly setting her cell phone on mute by accident and calls me all the time to help her back out of it.
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    My mum "just doesn't know how they do it" from the simple things like last weekend me emailing my (remote) brother a picture of the flowers he'd sent to her for a birthday (remotely)

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