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Thread: WRUW - Monday - 14 March 2016

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    Some really amazing, and downright stunning watches today ...WOW! Kalmar2 for me



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    The horrid is on the wrist today, threw it's original strap on it, yeah it's an ugly ass Invicta but it has a really good chrono well jewelled quartz ISA movement with day and grand date complication so it goes on my I like it list.


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    Enjoying the 1969 Timex. Keeps pretty accurate time still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watchdaddy1 View Post
    Enjoying the 1969 Timex. Keeps pretty accurate time still.

    at a glance, i thought it is Oris 65... very cool retro Timex, to bad they don't make one look like it anymore..

    and i have the exact same Kershaw like that William!

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    I will be designing on the computer all day, so I can wear whatever I want and what I want to wear is the Heritage 1935. While the date is fortuitously correct, the photos are recycled from the 14th of some other month:

    P2140408 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

    P2140421 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr

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    Giving it a good test. Running about -7 s/d and didn't look perfect on the timing machine. I think it will go into the service queue.

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    My Pi Day shot. Happy Pi day everyone!!!

    03/14/16 by Kody Ague, on Flickr
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    Morning coffee...

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    The Vulcain today. This watch is quirky but cool. It winds only in the counter clockwise direction while clockwise winds the alarm. Time is set only clockwise, so if you advance too far, you need to go all the way around again. Thankfully, the date is pin set. Old school movement ticks slow but it's darned accurate.

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