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Thread: Hi from Sheffield, England..

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    Hi from Sheffield, England..

    Hi all

    Just thought I'd introduce myself!

    I'm fifty seven years old and have been collecting weatches since I was sixteen, Managed to get a hold of around two and a half thousand watches over that period! I used to repair watches as a hobby but arthritis meant I was dropping tools in to the movements so I sold my watch cleaning machine and some of my tools then bought a...... watch with the money!!

    I like all things mechanical and collect Lathes and other machinery, Airguns (No messing with licenses as with real guns!) but watches are my favourite li'l machines!!! )

    Cheers all, John

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    to the Forum, John.

    You came to the right place; everybody here likes watches.

    Cheers, C

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    Hello John and welcome. You'll find we're a friendly little bunch of folk here with quite a high percentage of Brits in comparison to other forums.
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    Welcome to the forum, John! 2,500 watches is a lot! What did you buy with your savings? And how did you find us?
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    Hiya John welcome to the forum. I do a bit of air rifle shooting now and again. I've got a weihrauch HW80 and a MK 1 Logun s16

    So many watches and so little time.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    yes I thought I had a lot of watches but over 2000

    so which type do you like ? but with that many got to be a bit of everything really...

    got any russians ?

    oh and

    one night I dreamed I was locked in my fathers watch, with Ptolemy and twenty one ruby stars mounted on spheres and the primum mobile coiled and gleaming to the end of space and the notched spheres eating each other's rinds to the last tooth of time and the case closed - John Ciardi ...

    Russian Watches

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    2500 watches...I feel so much better about my tiny collection now.

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