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Thread: All time favorite G-Shocks --->> Post your's !

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    All time favorite G-Shocks --->> Post your's !

    These two are my all time favorite G-Shock's.


    Regards Phil
    Moderator German Watches & Dive Watches

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    I have four favorites...

    Name:  Casio Family 28.jpg
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    Name:  GD400 10.jpg
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    but it could change tomorrow or in one week time. 8-)

    Cheers, Piowa

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    I'm still very predictable =)
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    I'm loving my g7900 just now!

    Although always on the look out for interesting new ones

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    Got this one just to match my NOS 1985 Haro Freestyler BMX bike I have.

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    It's hard to nail down a favorite but here's three that are at the top of the list

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    My one is the GW-M5600 (or the current version 5610).
    Ist the multi-purpose essential carefree G which pleases in every occasion with ist usefull feature set.
    And ist affordable! If you like to spend more money you can get the GW-5000 with the same features but a metal housing.
    I have both but end up wearing the plastic version more often.

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    I would say this:

    Name:  output_zpscoxsz8jb.jpg
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    but the negative display prevent's me from saying that.... i have to say it's my youngest one :
    Name:  output_zpsnl2lkejo.jpg
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    it is more comfortable than my Rangeman, and better readable than my 5610, this is only for the moment, cos i have some more G's incoming, like the positive 5610 that is shown in the post who know's, in a few weeks it's possible the cards got shaken again...

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    This one must the the best looking and one of the most difficult to come by

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    "All time favorite G-Shocks"... makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

    A couple that are at the top of the list are my DW5700 and DW6600. I bought the 5700 in '88 and wore it for several years. I dont really care for the aftermarket bezel, but I still wear it occasionally.
    I bought my first DW6600 in the mid '90's and still wear one regularly. My original is restored and stored away.

    And I guess I should also include my GW500. I dont really care for the design anymore but I did wear this one exclusively everyday for 6 years. It has more wrist time than any other G ive had. Evenually I'll restore it.
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