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Thread: INVICTA !!!!!!!! No, seriously....

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    Cool INVICTA !!!!!!!! No, seriously....

    How about this: let's NOT bash Invicta. Let us be broad-minded. Or at least work on being one.
    That is, let's do something different.
    Let's NOT post bashable Invictas, but ones that are actually not bad. Even pretty good.

    Here we go:

    Name:  Invicta-RomanSS-02L.jpg
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    Congratulations Sir. You've just discovered the lapis philosophorum.

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    I kid. I don't think a somewhat civilized discussion on I*****A is totally out of the question here. Sorry, I meant Invicta (old habits). Not a bad looking watch there!

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    Oooooooh, well, will you look at that ... if you spell Invicta with a K (that's a kicking curr) the system blocks it out

    I'll demonstrate: I*****A ..... I*****A .........I*****A

    FFS.......: I*****A ! , I*****A !! , I*****A !!!

    Who thought of that then ? ...............Guess we'll have to spiel it write

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    No, No SERIOUSLY Name:  IMAGE6A1B4AEAB3200AE_zpsfdee2592.gif
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    My basic Invicta sub homage. How can you go wrong with this one?

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    I*****A !!

    The brand shall be hereby and henceforth be known as I*****A

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    I was honestly trying really hard, so I googled "Vintage Invicta Dive Watch"
    15 lines of pictures down my page is this picture...

    MB2, SOH, Aquascope, Tangente, MM300, Blackbay, North Flag, Officer, Visitor.

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    I've posted this many times over the years. It's a quartz chrono that was purchased from a small dealer back when Invicta had them, and was thoroughly checked out before shipment to make sure I didn't get a DOA.
    Would I buy the same watch today?

    Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap. ~Doug Larson

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