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Thread: Zelos BRONZE Helmsman

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    Zelos BRONZE Helmsman

    Good day, today up for your consideration is my zelos helmsman in bronze. Its the black dial with bronze case thats ow sold out. All the bronze ones are now also sold out so if you want to try out a bronze diver heres your chance! Im only letting this go cause theres something im looking at and it gets next to zero wrist time. Im asking 450 which is pretty in the middle compared to past sales. Much less than what this condition deserves. Watch is currently in canada and im willing to ship to nearly everywhere. Payment through paypal. Fees plus shipping cost negotiable.

    Condition is close to new. I only wore it a few times around the house. Sapphire crystal on front and back is scratch free. I live in a very dry and semi arrid city, plus i never really wore it so barely any patina has developed. The straps havent even been broken in yet.

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