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Thread: The Tattoo Thread

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    The Tattoo Thread

    I know there are some of us with some amazing tattoos so come on, I will show you mine if you will show me yours

    To start off there is my snake. He is an ouroboros which is a snake eating it's tail and among its many meanings it means infinity. If you look down the bottom you will see my wife's name in Arabic and in the middle is our wedding date. So it is a slightly less cheesy way of saying Claire forever.

    So come on guys (and gals) let's see your ink

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    I don't have any as I can't think of anything I would want on my skin forever. Coolest tattoo I've seen is a medic alert one on my colleague's arm; it lists all his allergies in case he's found unconscious.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well I have not got a camera to hand and I can't seem to get decent pics.
    but I have a English bulldog on my right arm a welsh dragon on my left a sign for strength on my left side of my chest ( but could also say one order for the sweet and sour chicken balls haha ) and a ying and yang I design with fire and ice on me back
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    This is on my arm. For my daughter who was born in Chicago on pi day of this year.

    Sent from my blackberry (just kidding!)
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    Wish I could show mine, but we do have a good deal of decorum and respect for others on this site, so no can do.......
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    Here are a couple of mine. I have quite a few more...

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    Name:  215676_1074783264843_4215280_n.jpg
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