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Thread: Your Favorite Russian Watch?

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    Your Favorite Russian Watch?

    This is mine:

    Volmax Aviator. 17 jewel Poljot 3105 movement. 45 mm but wears smaller. Great watch for the money.

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    Mine is my Amphibian Radio Room.

    But I have a feeling it will be knocked off that list but the NVCH-30 reissue when that project is done.

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    For me it's my Zakaz. .cheers comrades

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    The only one I keep finding myself going back to are Sturmanskie. I will eventually own one.

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    This Neptune will be my first (& therefore favourite) Russian watch.

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    Sorry for the poor iphone picture, as I cant't take a better one until Xmas day.

    Unfortunately for me it arrived one afternoon before I got home and my kids decided it would make a good Xmas present for me. They let me check it was what I ordered and that it worked then took it away.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well there are a few I must have at some point here are some of them
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    My favourite Russian watch is this one, no contest.

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    I own quite a few Russians. My favorite is.....

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    This is by far my favourite Russian.

    But there is some class pieces out there!

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    Agree on the Strela

    Would say though that it's more likely to be the one on the wrist at the time

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