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Thread: Your first Seiko?

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    Your first Seiko?

    My love affair with Seiko started 14 years ago..For a long time this was my one and only watch, until I started to look out for another Seiko.

    This was unusual for me as I always waited until my current watch fell to pieces to go get another. .

    Well this watch failed to fail..The titanium bracelet was a little battered but the dial and crystal were perfect! At this time I had no idea what a sapphire crystal was!

    This point was my entry into the crazy world of WIS..This watch started to get left behind. .I got an 007 and the ball started rolling. .

    The MWC started on WUS and I got totally fixated with all things watches and introduced to tons of other watches and I actually thought I'd flip my 1st Seiko on!

    Couldn't sell it lol. .so I showed the guys and Chico recommended a leather strap..itmy sent me one and boy I fell in love with the result. .will never part with it now.

    Please share you 1st Seiko story!

    Sent from my GT-I9505

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    My better half bought me my first Seiko around 2001, she worked in a jewellers and got it reduced since it was NOS, wore it as my only watch for around 7-8 yrs till i got my tissot and found all you crazy watch lovers, now it sits in my box awaiting a new capacitor (kinetic). i will get it fixed soon but it will never leave me as it was a gift from my good lady.

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    Had one of these for about 20 years with a few battery changes and one new crystal. I had always seen Seiko's as high quality watches based on my brother-in-laws tales from his merchant marine days. I still feel they are high quality for the money.

    Borrowed photo from the inter webs.

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    My first Seiko was this one. I bought it, I believe, for my first office job with UPS back in the day. The original band was leather embossed croc print, I think. It wore out and this junk strap was put on. It was good watch and still keeps great time. It amazes me how watch sizes have grown in the past two decades. This thing is tiny

    Then in 2007, I was bitten by the bug badly and walked out of my local AD after paying full retail (I'm and idiot!) and was in love. I wore the heck out of this thing from 2007 until 2009, everyday, all day.
    It is still my "Go-to" dress watch when the need arises.

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    It was my Seiko Pepsi, and I lost it a few years ago when surfing at the Cape. I had handed it to a friend who forgot it himself and lost it when he went back into the water.

    Anyway, a few months later, he'd sent me a new one for Christmas that I still have.

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    In high school, I had a couple of friends who wore mechanical Seiko dive watches. I always thought that they were cool but didn't get into dive watches. My own first Seiko was a couple of decades later when I bought a Kinetic Arctura, which I quite liked. I soon bought an Ananta and decided that I didn't need two large, modern, Seikos on bracelets so I passed my Arctura on to a work colleague who, I believe, still wears it.

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    Initially, I was not a Seiko fan. After continuously reading about how great they were for the money, I decided to give them a shot. I received both of these within a day or so of each other. The diver is from the 80's, cheap on E-bay. It is having issues already, need to get it to my watch repair shop. The SARB has been outstanding, it is one of the short-list watches for most every occasion.

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    Mine was a SNXF01 that I bought a few years ago

    Grand Seiko SBGR053 Nomos Tangomat Datum ​Tudor Pelagos ​Grand Seiko SBGA011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mediocre View Post
    Initially, I was not a Seiko fan. After continuously reading about how great they were for the money, I decided to give them a shot.
    I have to admit that even though I have liked Seikos for a long time, one thing that turned me off to buying a higher-end model was the unrelenting "wall of hype" put forth by some of the brand's advocates. I'm enough of a contrarian that when something gets that much praise, I become suspicious.

    Of course, I have a Speedmaster too so, I guess I've just become another generic WIS poster boy!

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    Monster for me.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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