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Thread: Let's try this... WRUW Dec 6-13...

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    Let's try this... WRUW Dec 6-13...

    How about a really nice Citizen "field watch"...

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    hehehe people still posting on the original wruw thread, the december thread....

    I love a messy confusion so I'm all for this 8-day wruw

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    I just like pictures lol

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well I'm up for doing a weekly one for awhile and see what happens so been wearing this all day pic from this morning wruw Russian fora
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    Going with the Nighthawk

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    I'm not sure if this watch ever had a name but I call it the stealth

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    Let's try this... WRUW Dec 6-13...

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    Seiko Sunday today

    Shown here with the reason why I am up this time on a Sunday morning and also why my watches always seem to have fingerprints on them

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