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Thread: Welcome and let's get this started

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    Welcome and let's get this started

    I want to welcome all visitors to the Japanese watch forum here at IWL. We hope you all will find a comfortable place to post your new and old acquisitions of the various Japanese brands under the growing list of companies that now fall under the Seiko and Citizen groups. Let's see those mods, vintage pieces and higher end Japanese watches. Here are some of my favorites:

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    I second BlackCat's welcome and we're eager to get things kicked off. Seiko and Citizen are the brands I cut my teeth on back when I was first getting started in this hobby, and I still own around 20 watches from those brands. I used to post on the old SCWF over a decade ago (back in the Network54 days for anyone who remembers) and I've continued my love affair with these brands ever since. Watch this space for more content coming soon, and I'm looking forward to building this community from the ground up!

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    My only two Japanese watches.

    One day I'm planning on getting to Japan and returning with a modern GS.

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    Here is my humble Seiko quartz from 1990. I liked the symmetrical crowns.

    If you come to a fork in the road; take it, and then put it down so someone else can use it.

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    Some GMT's new and old.

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    I want that! Too retro cool!

    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    I want that! Too retro cool!

    It's also the Seiko Space watch. I've had about 6 of these over the years that I've restored. This one that was found in a friends fathers drawer has the best case so far.

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    I'm a wee bit jealous, BlackCat - I've been on the hunt for a good Pogue at a reasonable price for the past year or two, but haven't been lucky yet. Many watch collectors have a plan or a theme, but my collection is a mismatch of pieces that I just like. That said, a few years ago, I realized that air-flight and space-flight are the red thread in my collection.
    Similarly, my hunt for the 2010 GrandSeiko SBGH015 50th Anniversary LE hasn't been successful either. Never managed to land one in 2010 and I am not willing to pay a premium for one, BNIB or LNIB, now

    Speaking of mismatch - I do have one Orient watch in my collection and it gets no less wrist time and gives me no less joy than pieces from renowned Swiss brands at (up to) 40x its price:

    Name:  121021_Orient_60th_Anniversary_LE_1.jpg
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Size:  158.3 KB

    And there is, of course, a Seiko in my collection. If there ever was a tool-watch, this is the one

    Name:  121124_Seiko.jpg
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    (plus my old, deader than dead, '77 Seiko LCD Chronograph - can't get myself to get rid of it, though)

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    I love Japanese watches

    A family photo

    Name:  2014-09-14 15.47.39.jpg
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    all three bang on !

    Name:  C19.jpg
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    a bit more sophistication?

    Name:  2014-10-18 05.09.11.jpg
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    a beauty
    Name:  2014-09-14 15.45.21.jpg
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    a classic

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    That 60th Anniversary Orient is just lovely I'm definitely a sucker for those kind of handwritten logos! The indices are beautifully slender too, a really delicate design

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