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Thread: The movie-tv-game prop/memorabilia thread

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    The movie-tv-game prop/memorabilia thread

    I started collecting movie prop/replicas a couple of years ago now, mainly based on the star wars master replicas scaled range. over this time i have gathered a few nice items so i thought i would share them with you guys & hopefully there are some like minded collectors amongst you, so if you enjoy this kinda stuff i would love to see your collections

    i will start off with my Lord of the rings stuff (only a couple of pieces as i just recently started with these)

    Sideshow weta - Frodo orc helmet
    Name:  frodo orc helmet.jpg
Views: 264
Size:  195.7 KB
    Name:  frodo.jpg
Views: 155
Size:  193.2 KB

    Sideshow weta - orc crowfaced helmet
    Name:  orc crowfaced.jpg
Views: 145
Size:  179.2 KB

    the one ring
    Name:  the one ring.jpg
Views: 688
Size:  158.3 KB
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    Witch king helmet (homebuilt)
    Name:  witch king 1.jpg
Views: 554
Size:  168.9 KB
    Name:  witch king 2.jpg
Views: 261
Size:  177.7 KB

    the ring of the witch king
    Name:  witch king ring.jpg
Views: 439
Size:  203.3 KB

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    Now on to the star wars stuff

    Darth maul lightsaber (2005 collectors society edition)

    Name:  maul 1.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  151.4 KB
    Name:  maul 2.jpg
Views: 186
Size:  109.5 KB
    Name:  maul 3.jpg
Views: 161
Size:  136.8 KB
    Name:  maul 4.jpg
Views: 172
Size:  177.2 KB
    Name:  maul 5.jpg
Views: 165
Size:  165.7 KB

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    Jedi lightsabers

    anakin skywalker
    Name:  anakin.jpg
Views: 206
Size:  155.0 KB

    luke skywalker
    Name:  luke.jpg
Views: 184
Size:  142.2 KB

    obi wan kenobi
    Name:  obi wan.jpg
Views: 159
Size:  153.7 KB

    Name:  yoda.jpg
Views: 177
Size:  154.9 KB

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    Sith lightsabers

    darth vader
    Name:  darth vader.jpg
Views: 153
Size:  139.6 KB

    darth sidious
    Name:  sidious.jpg
Views: 149
Size:  156.6 KB

    darth tyranus
    Name:  tyranus.jpg
Views: 145
Size:  168.4 KB

    saber collection
    Name:  sabers.jpg
Views: 160
Size:  162.4 KB

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    Now to the helmets

    501st trooper

    Name:  501 1.jpg
Views: 151
Size:  189.3 KB

    Name:  501 2.jpg
Views: 121
Size:  161.3 KB

    Name:  501 3.jpg
Views: 149
Size:  103.4 KB

    Name:  501 4.jpg
Views: 137
Size:  160.2 KB

    Name:  501 5.jpg
Views: 147
Size:  115.5 KB

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