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Thread: Most painful ?

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    Most painful ?

    What's the most painful (medical) thing(s) you've had to suffer? ...... so far (without being too graphic - pictures not necessary )

    My short list is: (#1 being the most painful)

    Ow factor 1: Prostatitis (just recently)
    Ow factor 2: Blocked saliva gland in my cheek
    Ow factor 3: Mr C surgery

    (Yes I'd put Prostatitis at the top for sheer pain , and because you have to use it daily several times , you get to know about it , although the saliva gland was pretty rough too , reaaly painful and cheek swells up whenever you eat - so again you get to know about it )

    How about you ?
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    Damn that had to be nothing nice - Prostatisis.

    Haven't had any major surgery since I was a crazy young teen & even then don't remember the pain factor.
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    Kidney stone.

    PS: And paying my IRS.

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    1. Wrecked my motorcycle and dislocated my left knee.
    2. I routinely pull my own ingrown toenail with a pair of pliers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spooky View Post
    2. I routinely pull my own ingrown toenail with a pair of pliers.
    That sounds like a number 9

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    Back pain following an injury. It wasn't so much the peak level of pain, but that it lasted for ten months.

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    Have to say back pain followed by prostate biopsy.

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    1. 7 staples in my head after a ping pong match gone bad.
    2. Broken fibula after a nasty slide tackle in a college soccer match.
    3. Pulling out numerous glass shards out of my arm with tweezers after flipping my truck on the NYS Thruway (coulda been worse!)

    Since we all like pictures, here is me right after crawling out of my wrecked 1997 Toyota. Surprisingly I still have my sunglasses on and my vintage Longines was untouched.

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    I had a liver biopsy once. I had never heard of transferred pain before. It wasn't so much the pain as the deep confusion as to what was going on inside me that was distressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bolaberlim View Post
    Kidney stone.
    Yep, this would be high on my list as well. I was 16 or 17 when I had one I think, so too young and stupid to say or do anything about it until I basically couldn't walk. Spent all day at school feeling like I had a knife stuck in my side. At about 2am, when sleep was nowhere near the menu, I woke my Dad up and asked him to take me to the hospital. They did all kinds of tests and procedures to try and break the stone up (sonic belt thingy, etc) but the only thing that worked was drinking endless water and passing it. I won't be graphic, but when the time came, it was like giving birth to a broken beer bottle.

    I have a bunch of tattoos, and generally can just chat my way through a 6 hour session, but I have a big one on my kidney (just realizing that my kidney has had a rough life...) that was shockingly painful. Totally unprepared for that, and did not have fun. I hurt myself somewhat often (addicted to tools and using them often, sh!t happens), so when I say 'shockingly', I mean it. I once had a 2x6x10 pine board I was ripping on a table saw kick back on me, and I subconsciously (and very stupidly) 'slapped' the wood as it was flying past me, I guess to try and mitigate any collateral damage from it being launched (I've seen a table saw throw a 4' piece of oak right through the door of a car), and in doing so a splinter about 9" long entered my palm in the meaty part where the thumb attaches and exited the side of my hand below the pinkie finger. I swore, more out of being pissed off than pain, because I knew I would have to go have that one professionally tended to, and that it was going to take the rest of the day. So, when that needle started perforating my kidney and I yelped, then said in a very angry voice "what the fu@k are you DOING to me???" to the artist that I am also friends with, I was as surprised as anyone else.

    I had to suture myself once, almost 100km from the nearest road after I had caught a 15lb pike. I brought it into the canoe, and trying to get it untangled and the hook out, etc, it did a big flop/jump, and one of its teeth ripped a really deep hole in my forearm. I knew it has scratched me, but by the time I freed the thing and got it back in the water, I thought the blood on me must have been from the fish; I inspected the scratch, and when I pinched it it opened up like a cavern into the abyss. I was in awe how severe it was: I've been catching pike my whole life and had never seen anything like it. Anyway, I had to paddle to shore, sterilize and suture myself with my left hand (wound on right forearm). I'm very right-handed, so it wasn't fun, it was cold out to boot, and I had to give myself 7 stitches. That pike is telling that story to his grandkids I bet. Before he eats them, that is.

    Oddly enough, on this topic, I was hit by a minivan doing 50km/h once, and I wasn't in another vehicle: just standing. I flew 40' through the air, only a few feet off the ground, and landed on my head. I had a compound fracture in my left arm (bone jutting out of my bicep), broke the g plate in my knee, and the landing removed a bunch of my head. Through the entire ordeal: accident to recovery, I never really felt any notable pain. By the time I landed, I was in shock so intense that I just stood up and prepared to go home and lick my wounds. Some guy washing his car came flying out and laid me down in the street while the woman driving the van hysterically screamed. When I got to the hospital I was never put under, but was pumped full of generals and did not feel the re-setting of my arm. That was easily the most trauma I've ever had, and it wouldn't make the pain list. I don't even have any crazy scars from it: my head healed up just fine (I'm naturally ugly, so scars wouldn't have ruined anything) and all I have left from my humerus sticking out is a wee little scar the size of a pencil eraser, now hard to spot as it is covered in tattoo. When I tell that story, people cringe, but it's easy for me to relive because it was more of a dream than anything else.
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