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    I think Alpha has helped me a lot in getting a real addiction for watches. A broad choice in good looking watches, loosely styled after some great examples
    They assisted me in finding out what I liked, and an opportunity to have a range of styles to choose from in the morning. I've sold a few, but also kept quite some, as they still run like a champ after 5+ years.

    These were the first two, from the time I thought Omega models were cool. Only to find they did not sit on my wrist the way I liked it.

    The bracelet on this SMP300 model is extremely well built, especially considering the price

    I tried the large pam style with one of these:

    These four are the ones I sold. Especially on the PO I made a few bucks, sold it for almost twice what I bought it for, as it went out of production. The other ones only lost 10 or 20 euro's in several years time.

    But there are other models. I still have these:

    (screwed up the keyless works on this one, when I tried to get some dirt out of the case )

    So, who has some more models to share?

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    Sweet collection Martin, love the titanium pilot!

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    Not alpha's, a bit lower quality, but otherwise very comparable. Chronotac:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Churchy View Post
    Lucky for me they reissued the PO

    Which watch today Churchy?
    I so wish they would do it in a 42mm version!!

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    Still my only Alpha
    Lots of old watches, ex mwc vet -Ceud mile failte , CWC, Hamilton Khaki ,,Longines Quartz ., Omega Geneva & Seamaster 300 GMT, Seiko King Seiko,, Tudor Oyster, Tissot stylest .

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