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Thread: Dw-6900/G-6900 Suggestions!

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    Dw-6900/G-6900 Suggestions!

    Hello Buddies,
    I am confused between the G-6900 (black) and the Dw-6900 (black). So far I just have one 6900 and thats the G-6900A-7 (white color). I am unable to decide if I should get another G-6900 in black or a Dw-6900 in black. Plz help me decide...
    Thanks in advance...

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    If you like the features of the G-6900 over the DW-6900 then I say get it. The DW-6900 is obviously cheaper but only has one alarm. However it has better CDT settable to the second. I personally use multiple alarms each day and find resetting the alarm over and over again bothersome.

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    The G6900 is solar as well. For $70 on Amazon, it's not a bad buy.

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    I personally would go with the DW6900, the auto repeat CDT and being able to set it to the second is a great deal to me plus the flash alert is always a plus.
    Also you already have a G6900, so go old school for this.
    Good luck,

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    The G6900e got thicker diggits so its'a plus for me.. also it has more modern features like solar, worldtime, multialarm, mute-able and much more..

    i quite like it..i've got 3 of them, but since it is pretty bulky and a bit to big for my wrist, i gave them all to my close ones and stay with squares since they sits better on the wrist... but i still have soft spot for the G6900. its a great G.

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    I prefer the G(W)-6900 for the multiple alarms and solar (solar/atomic in case of the GW) feature. The DW-6900 does however show current time in timer and stopwatch mode.

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    My choice is GW6900 with GW5000 strap

    Its very comfortable, the numbers are bold, you can make it a GMT watch by showing 2nd time zone in current time mode. Its a great watch / combo.

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    If your wrist is on the thick side, maybe you should consider GD-X6900.
    There are 16 color variations of it:

    Name:  GDX Family.jpg
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    Cheers, Piowa

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    Finally the wait is over!!! Thanks everyone for the suggestions. ... Got my G-6900 from Rakuten.... the battery indicator showed "Medium" so trying to charge it up....

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    Good catch ash, i have the same exact watch, extremely comfortable.

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