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Thread: Personal Precious... share your G that's the jewel of your collection..

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    Personal Precious... share your G that's the jewel of your collection..

    Yeah, i know that G-Shock can not be put with luxury on the same sentence =)
    but for us G fanatic, we love our G no matter what.. so please share your G that you might not wear often but would never leave your collection since you really like them..

    i have no fancy G... but this DW-5030D on mate resin would always be in my collection.
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    well, practically my three musketeers would stay together in my collection..
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    my next on is rather silly since it is a generic G.. but the GW-5600j is discontinued and not available in my country... i have to wait quite a while to have it.. its my poorman GW5000..
    really like it and would never sell it =)

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    please share yours guys =)


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    Probably the GL-7500 in yellow as this one should be pretty impossible to find in unworn condition by now:

    I've worn it only 2 or 3 times so far for fear of messing up the resin.

    And the one that I would never, ever sell as I bought it to celebrate my wedding - the DW-5000SL:
    Cheers, Sedi

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    Probably GD-400-4, because it was the hardest to get (unless for me).

    It was a gift from my wife and children for staying under 100 kg for one week.

    I lost 23 kg in 4 months. My weight is 94 right now and the next award is for staying under 90 for one week.

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    Cheers, Piowa

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    I love all my G's but these 3 are the one's I love the most....

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    The following are what I consider the "jewels" of my collection, these are the G's I could never and will never part with. I did a lot of research on these and held out for the best example I could get, sometimes waiting months, in some cases almost a year, to find one I was happy with and usually spending more money than I should have. These are the G's that give me a warm fuzzy feeling and are the reason I love G's so much, they are quirky Japanese design at it's coolest.

    Here we go.

    DW-8400NK-3 (Men in Khaki Mudman), it took almost a year to find one I was happy with. It was mint in box with tags and I have worn it only once to take this wrist shot. I do take it out of the box occasionally to check battery is okay and that the resin is okay and to look at it. I know that sounds stupid but the warm fuzzy feeling I get from wearing my GW5000, I get that same warm fuzzy feeling by just having this in my collection (don't judge me!)

    DW003CB -1VT (Tommy Guerero) I love DW003's and this is my favourite of all the colabs they did for this model.

    DW8800AB-9T Codename "Lost Dog" Aurele , This one I was bidding on because I love the DW8000 series in all it's various guises and this has the coolest colour combo of all of them, when it arrived it was mint in the original hexagonal box and original packaging with two sets of straps, one is a double velcro. It had the tags manual and warranty card and also came with a cool springbar remover.

    DW-5600EH-7 Eric Haze 25th Anniversary, I'm not a huge fan of white G-Shocks but this I think is such a cool design it works really well. This is another G that I waited a while to find the right one, it came mint in original packaging, the packaging is also pretty special with lots of cool specific anniversary graphics.

    I am a huge fan of the older DW002/003/004 designs and this the best example of a DW002 I could find for reasonable money without the bezel resin rot so many are afflicted with. Even now it doesn't show any signs of aging, and I have worn this one a fair bit.

    Another of the older designs I love so much, again this is my favourite of all the DW004's in my collection. It has a the awesome (if you like that kind of thing) Xtreme double velcro band and came complete with original packaging.

    MTG-910DA-1, I didn't really think too much of this one when I bought it but I loved how the comfy bracelet and the awesome colour combo. I loved it so much I wore it for almost a month non-stop and it has become one of my favourite daily beaters. This also gets a lot of compliments and is one of the only G's I have where someone has offered me good money for it as they like it so much. Not selling it though, no way.

    The following four G's are my small but neat little collection of screwbacks. They might not be pristine but I have put quite a bit of time and effort into kinda restoring them with my limited skills. I love each and every one and they will be staying with me indefinitely.




    The GW5000 on combi bracelet, no surprises there. They are expensive and I struggle to justify the cost except for the fact that I love it, I am using it almost exclusively as my daily beater. It ticks all the boxes.

    My last is my all time favourite but is not a G, it is a Casio, though, and is honestly the favourite of all my watches, I have a lot of watches including a Steve McQueen Monaco so that is saying something. It is a mint in box CA501 from 1984 and was made in Japan, I have never been able to find a better one, it is pristine and has never been worn before I bought it. It reminds me of the one my father bought me when I was a kid (which I still have and which still works).

    So there you go, that is my favourites. These are the watches I will never part with and would be devastated if they were ever lost. They mean a lot to me and are the reason why I still am obsessed with watches.

    To Casio, thanks so much for being awesome and making some truly fantastic, weird and quirky watches.

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    Currently I'd have to say the the pearl of my G collection is my Rangeman. That will change come tax refund time...

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