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Thread: ISA 9500-1010 movement

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    ISA 9500-1010 movement

    Does anyone have more info on the ISA 9500-1010 movement? This is an interesting quartz movement that I didn't know existed until very recently. It's in the Smiths Seafire PRS-37.
    Of course, now I'm on the hunt for other watches that utilize the movement.

    The second hand ticks 4 times per second and you set the watch by rotating the crown forward or backward, but not in the traditional sense. Here's a video (of the aforementioned PRS-37) with a better explanation and demonstration.

    Any other watches using this movement?

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    I only know what is easily Googled, which is that its main appeal is it's smooth sweep, that it uses more power because of the increased number of ticks, and that it has standard quartz accuracy.

    I was once very interested in the Seafire, but didn't like the final design as much as the one that was preferred at an earlier stage of development. Still a good watch, though.

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    Kind of in between a standard quartz and a Precisionist movement. The crown action intrigues me the most, though.

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