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Thread: WRUW - Wednesday - 6 July 2016

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    WRUW - Wednesday - 6 July 2016

    Good day, IWL.

    It's rare to wear this watch on it's OEM bracelet, but here it goes

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    Perfect Start C!

    testing a little batch of material for re-making Michael's order for his BP, and seem to be a good material for CFR's 21-20mm order..
    put it on my SKX007.. what else.. i luv this particular one since i'm lucky to have one that have great alignment and run very accurate.

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    have a great day everybody..
    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    Aquis date DLC

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    These Raven Defenders arrived this evening (already getting dark for the pics), so I know I'll be continuing with one of these in the morning...starting with the brushed ss/grey dial version.

    Slipped it right away onto iyonk leather (the iyonk is a slightly better match to the brass cased model IMO, but still works great on the grey dial/brushed ss version...strap is so comfortable and so well built (btw, love that new leather on your SKX iyonk! - please save me some of that leather for my next order!)



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    Regards Phil


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    Today... relaxing by the pool in stresa Italy reading about my favourite subject after watches

    Billy Super Duper
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