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Thread: Who would wear this???

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    Who would wear this???

    Name:  l_2-hublot-watch-by-mr-brainwash-1.jpg
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    That's a difficult question... but I'm sure someone will

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    Nope. Nor would I wear those Audemars-Piguet Royal Oak Offshores that look like they're made out of different coloured plastics fused together, resulting in a watch that looks like it was made out of LEGO blocks. Limited Edition or not, they just don't work for me.
    And I'm betting that Hublot has some obscenely insulting price tag attached to it. I too could tie a watch to a pottery wheel and throw paint at it. Reminds me of those "artworks" done by that gallery owner's six year old kid in kindergarten. They're selling for three grand a piece.
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    My guess would be a musician that calls them-self an artist

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    Willow Smith.

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    Someone who thinks that Jackson Pollock was an artist.

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    It's funny to me that Mr. Brainwash is so famous. (He's the artist that created that collaboration with Hublot.) The "Exit Through The Gift Shop" documentary that helped start his image didn't make him look like the most credible artist around.
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    I kinda like it, although I don't think the black dial works with the multicoloured case colourway.

    But then, I'm a little different.

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    I admit I can be on the eccentric side at times, but this just doesn't do it for me.

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    but I might if they moved the decimal place on the price ticket, and if the casing was turps-proof

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