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Thread: Tell us a random factoid from your realm of work

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    Tell us a random factoid from your realm of work

    In the wine world there is an industry standard biscuit for tastings.

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    Wrinkle free treatment to fabric decreases fabric tear strength.

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    That nuclear submariners get less radiation exposure than airline pilots

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    That more hobnobs are eaten here than any other office on the plot .......... oh no wait a minute about work!

    I'll come back to you on it

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    The angle of the dangle is greater on the left ......... it's true!

    Electrolytic capacitors are the downfall of many a consumer product

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    In many occasions, the resolution of the lens is significantly less than that of the sensor

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    Nobody actually knows what they're doing.
    But the more they know nothing, the more they talk smack.
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    WELWYN CONTROL. A control applied to a block instrument to ensure if a line clear is given it cannot be given again until the train has occupied and cleared a track circuit immediately in rear of the home signal of the box in advance and the home signal of that box has been fully restored to danger. DW.

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    I actually DO have a 'Go Faster' button for the users' systems
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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