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Thread: As you get older

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    As you get older

    My eye sight gets progressively worse. Readers have gone from 0.75 to 2.25 in like 3 years.

    I kept losing my reading glasses so stopped by the dollar store and picked up a dozen. They're all over my house and at work. Only problem now is, after looking around for a pair and putting it on, I find I had one on top of my head all the time.

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    I'm -0.5 in both eyes so not too bad. I can go sans glasses just fine, but its better with. If they get any worse I'll consider laser. Though...a friend's mother's eye was messed up pretty bad by it. I know the odds are still very low, but still.
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    I've been ~2.00 and ~2.25 (I think?) since my teens, it's not changed in any significant way

    and I'm now 22

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    I have been myopic since age ten. Those prescriptions are now -6.50 in one eye and -7.50 in the other. I have developed presbyopia in the last three years but can still cope without readers for most things.

    There is nothing about getting older that's not absolutely miserable to me. Except maybe having more money.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeannie View Post
    There is nothing about getting older that's not absolutely miserable to me
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    Not sure if it's age or because I have 4 kids. But I feel like I'm tired most of the time.

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    I count my blessings - I had 45 odd years with perfect vision. But, my near field focal point is getting progressively further away.
    Only have 2 children, but boy do they drain me; both mentally & physically.
    Most days when I wake up I feel like my 'get up and go' has got up and gone. It takes longer for me to start firing on all cylinders, these days. I blame my job in the most part - I spend far too much of my day sat staring at screens. I really need to give myself a kick up the @rse, and get some proper exercise.
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    Tiredness is very much a part of my aging.

    It's confounded by working in a chemical plant, which is known to tire most with the inevitable exposure to chemicals, despite every measures to avoid it.

    I have 3 kids..and my middle daughter, 14, seems hell bent on sending me to an early grave with stressing over her!

    Oh and I'm sounding more and more like my father with every passing day

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    Just got a call from the doctor. He got my blood test results and wants to see me. What now?

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