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Thread: What's the point of the second piece of nylon on Nato's?

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    What's the point of the second piece of nylon on Nato's?

    I've never understood why there is a second piece of material on Nato straps. I'm sure that it serves some purpose but it's lost on me. I don't care for it because it makes the watch sit higher and the extra strap comes with additional hardware that rubs against my desk and presses into my wrist when using the mouse. Also, without the second piece of material I can align the watch on the strap so the buckle lands exactly where I like it on my wrist. I recently cut the extra strap off a Nato and returned to single piece bliss.

    Look at the extra bulk, both in thickness and in all the extra hardware.

    Look how simple the single piece strap is.

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    Completely agree I really don't like the 2 Piece/G10 type nato, they sit far too high and I don't like the look of the additional keeper on the other side of the watch.

    The 1 piece/RAF style is far better, and looks better

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    Hmmm good point. .maybe it's a style thing?

    I like the look of Nato straps and while I don't have any leather ones I do find them very comfortable.

    I know the whole point is to stop you loosing a watch if a spring bar fails but both with and without the extra do the same. .I really don't know

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    Possibly it's because the buckle position can wander about on the single piece version.
    (Yeah I appreciate the spring bars will hold it in place to an extent)

    The double loop holds the watch in its place on the strap.. So the main buckle stays in its place relative to the watch.
    Just an idea.

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    I've had watches fall off from a zulu (or one piece nato). Yes they make the watch sit taller, but its secure on the strap.

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    Also insulates from skin and case back contact. You might actually want to look into two piece NATOs, they attached to the lugs like any standard strap.

    I think the initial intent was to keep the watch in one place on the strap though. Then again, the leather NATO was I think strictly and aftermarket style item, and not actually made for or used by the military (though they did use the Bund).

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    It keeps the watch attached in case of spring bar failure.

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    It hides the spring bars. Looks better IMO.

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    I have a one-piece TrueBond NATO strap and whenever I wear it on my Seamaster 300, the watch slides down the strap slightly due to it's weight. I'm careful enough with my watches, so I haven't had the watch-head come off the strap entirely. This would not happen with a two-piece NATO because the extra piece is there to prevent the watch from sliding up and down along the strap.


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