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Thread: SOLD - WUS f72 2013 ST5, 100 (anywhere)

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    SOLD - WUS f72 2013 ST5, 100 (anywhere)


    Suddenly found myself deciding to sell my f72 ST5 project watch. It's got the classic blue dial - red dot - striped movement combination.

    I bought it from hked in March from the handful of spare watches released after the original LE run so it doesn't have the engraved back. Otherwise identical. The strap included will be the original factory strap, unworn. I've never found any blemish in the case or dial construction, and as far as I can see I haven't added any.

    For several months it was a central part of my rotation, but now I've a smaller blue dial manual it's losing out (I like them dainty) and I want to sell it while its still looking good! The winding action is absolutely delicious and it's run perfectly all the while. Timed face up, fully wound, it was +11s over 24 hours - in line with what I experienced when wearing it.

    Price is 100 plus postage (10 in UK, 15 to North America, ask for others!) by PayPal

    39mm case
    Seagull ST5 manual movement
    Manufactured by Thomas of Hong Kong
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    Four sides of the the bezel:

    Name:  bezel 1.jpg
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    Name:  bezel 2.jpg
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    Name:  bezel 3.JPG
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    Name:  bezel 4.JPG
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    four sides of the back

    Name:  back 1.jpg
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    Name:  back 2.jpg
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    Name:  back 3.jpg
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    Name:  back 4.jpg
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    Two sides of the dial

    Name:  dial 1.JPG
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    Name:  dial 2.JPG
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    a pair of scuffs on one side of the caseback

    Name:  scratch 2.JPG
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    a small scratch on other side

    Name:  scratch 1.JPG
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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    Two sides of the dial

    Attachment 5929

    Attachment 5930

    a pair of scuffs on one side of the caseback

    Attachment 5932

    a small scratch on other side

    Attachment 5931
    pics don't seem to be shown on my p.c mate ? says invalid attachment
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    Ha ha they're all showing for me on tapatalk in your reply! Maybe the system is just being slow to chew on them? They're all screen grabs so are small files.

    Edit: Now I check from a different machine they're not *all* visible. I'll leave it a bit and if there's no progress after that I'll go and ask on the glitches thread. Thanks for the heads up!
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