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Thread: NEW Shrouded Prospex Monsters ("Tuna Monsters...Monster Tuna"??)

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    NEW Shrouded Prospex Monsters ("Tuna Monsters...Monster Tuna"??)

    Caught wind of these the other day from our fellow WIS from the Phillipines. Sometimes I get envious of the guys in the Asian territories as they get these new models months and sometimes years before we do in The States.

    4r36 Movement
    metal shroud
    automatic/ hand windable/ hackable
    hardlex crystal
    case diameter= 47mm approx.
    thickness = 14mm

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    I like the look of the stainless one, I just wish they didn't make the so huge.

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    I like the all stainless also. Cost is rumored to be around $225 US. Anyone know if that's correct? What about lug size?

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    I don't know for sure, but all the guys who have bought them in the Phillipines are reporting $200. Which makes sense as these have 4r36 movements as opposed to the 6r15 the nonshrouded prospex monsters released in the US. So that would account for the difference in price.

    I'm really digging on the yellow black model.

    Lug width looks to be the same 20MM as the original monsters based on the z22 strap in the pics.

    Also, I doubt this will wear large. The Tuna has the same 44MM dimms with the shroud, but it wears more like a 42mm.

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    Me likey this one-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    Me likey this one-

    Same here. I like that one and the standard SS model

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    I really like the look of the black/yellow one, but kinda wish it came with a black shroud.
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    Very interesting! I like that Seiko put a steel shroud on this one. Need to see more pics...

    Thanks for sharing

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    fugly..... just too darned thick....although I like the knurled bezel grip
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    The all SS looks pretty damn cool.

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