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Thread: Put A Fork in 2014: What Did You Get, What Did You Sell

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    Put A Fork in 2014: What Did You Get, What Did You Sell

    For anyone who is done buying and selling this year, what did you get; what did you sell?

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    Bought: (1) a shiny Beijing (2&3) a pair of vintage of Soviet dress watches (4) an orange Swatch (5) another vintage manual Seiko

    Sold: a quartz Seiko chrono

    Received and sold: a White Pilot

    Bought and put on sale: an f72 ST5

    Put into storage: a Rodina, a Hugo Boss quartz

    Gave away in giveaways: two Shanghais (one auto, one manual)

    Found in storage, wore a bit, put back into storage, took out of storage again, and generally got confused by: 1920s silver-cased manual the size of a thimble
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    Sold: 0

    Bought (in the following order):

    - Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project
    Name:  Omega Speedy Alaska 9.jpg
Views: 138
Size:  108.3 KB

    - Omega Speedmaster MK II (original)
    Name:  Omega Speedy MKII_7b.JPG
Views: 116
Size:  92.1 KB

    - Chronoswiss Sirius
    Name:  Chronoswiss Sirius 6.jpg
Views: 120
Size:  147.1 KB

    - Rolex Explorer II (216570)
    Name:  Rolex ExpW 28.JPG
Views: 141
Size:  304.6 KB

    - Longines Hydroconquest (Quartz version)
    Name:  Longines_HydroQ8.JPG
Views: 153
Size:  402.6 KB

    - Rolex GMT II (17600) - Sorry, no pic. Limit of 5pics/ post and that's understandable. No problem, because everyone knows this model, anyway.
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    Meistersinger Neo

    Rado 50th Anniversary Diastar LE

    Flawless vintage Longines Flagship hand wind.

    Louis Rossel ref 8124

    Louis Rossel ref 1624

    Rado Diastar 62

    Rado Honestas


    Rado Diastar 8/1 Tigereye.
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    Sold: none

    Bought: more than I'm willing to put in writing...but I'm slowing WAY down now.

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    Gifts (but I don't have them yet...) :
    Maratac Large pilot 2013

    AChS-1 panel clock

    Marathon JSAR G-Shock GW-530A, GA-100-1A1, G-9300-1 Mudman
    Seiko SKX007K2 Swatch High Wonder Maratac Large Pilot 2013 Russian AChS-1 panel clock
    Post first, edit for clarity later.

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    Sold, none. But then again I still own every watch I've bought in 52 years.
    Bought. None.
    Bought straps, loads of the buggers.
    Was awful close to buying my planned 5513 but the missus big birthday sneaked up on me and the result is that the entire fund vanished in a blink on this
    Name:  IMG_5368.jpg
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    I get to go as well of course :-)
    Ω Seamaster3

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    Sold: none

    Bought: more than I'm willing to put in writing...but I'm slowing WAY down now.
    Awww cmon... Can't be that excessive!

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    Sold. Nothing

    Bought. Seiko MM300
    Bremont MB2
    Visitor watch from Kickstarter. Arriving Aug 2015
    Rolex Datejust for MrsO

    Repaired with new movement Longines ladies dress watch for MrsO
    MB2, SOH, Aquascope, Tangente, MM300, Blackbay, North Flag, Officer, Visitor.

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    I'm not done, yet - got my eye on a Christmas present to myself I realize that sounds a little sad; but my family doesn't have that sort of money to spend on gifts !
    I'm justifying it as a reward to myself for giving up the cigarettes. I told myself I'd have to have quit for a year before patting myself on the back and treating myself, but this one is too good to let slip. I've not had a cigarette since March 16th, and I'm unlikely to ever go back to them; so I'll forgive myself for cheating a bit
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