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Thread: A new frankenbeater arrives (6309 content)

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    A new frankenbeater arrives (6309 content)

    Just received this in the post all the way from down under. Someone has taken a Seiko 6309-7290, polished the case, replaced the crystal, fitted a brushed chapter ring, and changed the dial and hands for a set of aftermarket bits styled - not especially accurately if we're honest - after a 62MAS. The seller (nice bloke by the way) told me he got it as part of a job lot and didn't really know much about its history. I paid $80 for it, popped it on a Bonetto Cinturini strap that's worth half what the watch cost, and I sort of love it already. I know the purists will be horrified about the grab-bag nature of it, but there's something immensely freeing about having a watch that's already been tinkered with. There's no more authenticity to be lost, so I can enjoy it without worry; also did I mention it was only eighty bucks? I daresay this one will become my new weekend beater.

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    Yes, it can get out of hand;

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    Looks good!
    Regards Cam

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    Great looking watch.
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