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Thread: Post your cheapest watch that you been impressed with.

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    Post your cheapest watch that you been impressed with.

    This one has been impressive. I like the looks, accuracy is as good as any other quartz. Durability has been fantastic. Day and date complication. Been in the ocean scuba diving, hot tubs and saunas, just because I wanted to see how much this watch can handle and handle it did. For less then a breakfast out with your significant other, you can own this little gem of a beater. Approximately 18 dollars on amazon.

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    For the money Lum-Tec has impressed me with their offerings such that I had to have a few when I first found out about mechanical watches. Nothing fancy but solidly built, accurate enough for me . . .
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    Agree on the Lum Tec.

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    The black/blue dials are popular but the white dial SZNH is often overlooked.
    The Seiko 5 shield might detract from it's look but other than that it's a retro looking beauty with a workhorse movement. Quite a steal for under $200.

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    I have a few...

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    Not as inexpensive as JP's Casio, but very impressive for the outlay.

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    Casio MDV106. Stainless steel. Really nice for the money.

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    This one:

    I love a nice quartz to do stuff around the house. Solar, chrono, WR 200m, date, screw down crown and pushers... This thing is almost perfect.

    I want to try a TSAR and a Tuna... But damn this Seiko does everything I need and then some. Seiko could sell this one for more and it would still be a bargain.

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    Seiko wins again......looking at most of the watches posted.

    These are mine:

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    Realized that I even don't have my own picture, so I'm borrowing from one of the mods here (thanks, Martin )

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    This Seagull keeps better time than the majority of my watches, looks good and wears very comfortable (last two are subjective, of course). All of that for $129

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    Maratac GPT-1 is 46mm with Miyota 9015, domed sapphire crystal and drilled, sharply turned down lugs, making it wear smaller than one would expect of a 46mm. Excellent lume too. One of the least expensive watches with a 28,800bph movement. Put it on an Obris Morgan strap.

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