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Thread: What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

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    What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

    This article on Slate got me thinking about podcasts.

    What podcasts do you listen to?

    Here's my current list:

    99% Invisible

    This American Life

    Selected Shorts from PRI

    New Yorker: Fiction

    The Moth

    Slate's Culture Gabfest

    Slate Presents Lexicon Valley

    Marc Maron's WTF


    And two that have run their course: A History of the World in 100 Objects and Gaurdian Short Stories Podcast

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    Football Weekly (the Guardian)
    The Anfield Wrap
    The Football Ramble
    Test Match Special
    The Nerdist
    Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast
    WTF (Marc Maron)
    Kermode Uncut

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryF View Post

    Football Weekly (the Guardian)
    The Anfield Wrap
    The Football Ramble
    Test Match Special
    The Nerdist
    Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast
    WTF (Marc Maron)
    Kermode Uncut
    Does Kermode Uncut have something to do with the literary critic Frank Kermode?

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    Let's resurrect this old thread since I need some additional podcasts to subscribe to.

    Not that I have the longest commute, but I have at least an hour to 90 minutes total in the car each day. Since I can't stand commercial radio and have a hard time with audio books (prefer to read my fiction) podcasts are a great alternative.

    My current list (of the English language ones):
    The Grey Nato - watches, diving, hiking. Enjoyable even though I really only care about the watch talk
    No such thing as a fish - QI in pod form (by the QI elves)
    My dad wrote a porno - Hilarious!
    Around the NFL

    Enjoyed "Serial" (first better than second) and also the Manson Family segment of "You must remember this" (rest not so much)

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    Just have to recommend anything by Andy Zaltzman. Don't understand how his brain actually works, but find his humor extremely funny.

    His main podcast with various friends:

    He currently also host BBC News Quiz and delivers in my opinion the best performance out of three regular hosts I've heard.

    Other podcasts I'm into:
    - Infinite Monkey Cage (funny mix of science and humor)
    - The Grey Nato (watches, gear and adventure)
    - BBC 4 Comedy of the week (hit and miss comedy)
    - Mark Steel's in town (hilarious banter in various places)
    - No such thing as a fish (found with little help from mlcor)

    Any other input for this thread last updated seven years ago.
    Cheers, M

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    Right now, the ones I listen to most are:

    Oh No Ross and Carrie: A show where two formerly religious people investigate claims of the paranormal, parascience, and fringe religions by going undercover. Very interesting, at times quite funny, and highly informative.

    The Adventure Zone: One of the McElroy Bros. shows. A live play TTRPG podcast where the McElroys and their father play DND and other similar games. Very fun, very funny.

    My Brother, My Brother, and Me: Another McElroy show. This time is just the brothers, giving advice—terrible advice, given terribly. It’s a hodgepodge of bits and jokes, but I find it really funny and vert enjoyable.

    Left Trigger, Right Trigger: A video game “book club”. Every week, there’s a topic and each person brings a game they feel embodies that topic. Sometimes the topics are normal, like movement or mechanics. Sometimes they’re crazy, like fruit or hats. And they episodes do often get out of hand. Still, good fun.

    The Besties: Another video game podcast, but this one is more normal. The four hosts (two McElroys this time, instead of the full four like in TAZ) discuss new releases, video game trends, industry news, stuff like that. Fun fact. One of the co-hosts was fairly close to becoming my boss, but I, unfortunately, didn’t make it through the second round of interviews in favor of someone with a more traditional journalism background.

    Those Happy Places: A podcast about theme parks, rides, and attractions that seeks to analyse them in the same way literature is analyzed. Very interesting to look at themed spaces and rides as storytelling venues, something I’d never really thought nor cared out before, but that I find fascinating now.

    X-Ray Vision: After Jason Concepcion split from The Ringer and the Binge Mode podcast died, he went to Crooked and started this show with a new cohost. Again, another deep dive entertainment show, where they discuss hot movie and TV properties as well as the industry. I just started this one. It’s not as good as Binge Mode was in its heyday. But Binge Mode is gone now, so you take what you can get.
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    Story of the week, could be anything the host feels is interesting:

    My favorite legal show, Serious Trouble (by the guys that used to do "All the President's Lawyers" (probably not of interest to non-US folks):

    Cautionary Tales:

    Also still enjoying No Such Thing as a Fish, and @Fantasio's recommendation, Infinite Monkey Cage.

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