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Thread: Question about whether or not to service my watch

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    Question about whether or not to service my watch

    I have at Tissot Heritage Navigator with the 2893-3 movement. Nice watch and it runs well, gaining just a few seconds per day. However, I've noticed that it doesn't handwind anymore. Autowinding is fine and I can pick it up, give a twirl or two and it runs great. However, I know (think?) it used to handwind and I'm wondering if it's something I should have looked at under warranty.

    There's one other microscopic thing I'd fix if I sent it back, but not sure it's worth the hassle. (Okay, there's a portion of the "s" missing from the "Swiss Made" on the dial, which I literally have to use a loop to see. But now I can't un-see it.)

    So, forgetting the tiny nit with the "Swiss", should I have it looked at for hand winding? Is it even supposed to hand wind? Not worry about it? What's your take?

    BTW, I typically don't obsess over things like this, but since I bought from an AD and have the factory warranty, and have plenty of other watches to keep me busy in it's absence, I'm considering sending it in.

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    If a product is under warranty and there is a clear fault, then of course you shouldn't dawdle, but just get it in for remedial work.

    But are you absolutely sure it doesn't hand wind? (a 2893 should do by the way)

    How long have you tried for ?
    You've not noticed the rotor moves quickly as you attempt handwinding?
    You are trying to handwind when the crown is fully in the watch?
    How long does it run for if worn ? , all day?

    These are a few of my favourite questions :-)

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    Are you sure it doesn't hand wind anymore? The reason I ask, is that I thought the same thing happened to my Tudor Heritage Chrono. I wound it 30-40 times, and got very little power reserve/run time, yet wearing it for a day, I get close to 45 hours. Turns out, I have to wind it about a hundred times before I get decent run time from the watch.

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    The movement (2893) mainspring can be wound by hand. You may want to try this:

    1. Let the watch stop.
    2. Carefully wound the watch; circa 60 turns.
    3. Don't touch it, until it stops again. Calculate the watch power reserve. This movement has an expected power reserve of 42h

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    Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't giving it that many hand winds, probably just a dozen or so. I guess I'm comparing it to my Orient and Seiko that start right up with just a few hand winds.

    I'll give it a bunch the next time just to make sure.

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    If it continues to give you issues after testing, then I would take it in for a look-see.
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